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Homeowner/Homebuyer Education – Managing the Complexity of Selling your Home and Buying a New Home

Keywords: Home sales, home selling, buying a new home

Homeowner/Homebuyer Education – Refi Process with Homestead Financial Mortgage

Keywords: Mortgage Refinance, Mortgage Refinance Steps, Refinance Process

How large of a down payment should you make on your home purchase?

Keywords: Purchase Down Payment

Why buying your home with a Renovation Mortgage is perfect in this inventory challenged market.

Keywords: Renovation Mortgage, Home buying during inventory shortage

When a debt consolidation mortgage makes sense

Keywords: Debt Consolidation Loan, Consolidating Debt

Buying for less than renting

Keywords: First Time Homebuyer, Buy a home for less than rent

Regional Manager, Patrick Oglesby, discusses attributes of FHA financing.

Keywords: FHA Financing, Credit Score to Qualify for loan

Which Type of Mortgage is Right for Me?

Keywords: Mortgage Programs, Conventional Loan, FHA Loan, VA Loan, USDA Loan

When Can I Qualify for a Mortgage Again?

Keywords: Mortgage after Bankruptcy, Qualify for Mortgage after Foreclosure

1st Time Home Buyer

Keywords: First time home buyer, First time home buyer credit score