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Subscribe to our YouTube channel.  We will be featuring helpful tips as well as snippets of a day in the life of our clients during the Mortgage loan process. Our goal is to show you how painless it can actually be to make your dream home a reality.  Check it out, it costs zero to find out!

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Homeowner/Homebuyer Education – Mortgage Insurance

Homeowner/Homebuyer Education – Home Equity

Homeowner/Homebuyer Education – Credit Score

Homeowner/Homebuyer Education – Debt Consolidation Mortgage

Homeowner/Homebuyer Education – lower your current mortgage


You pay your mortgage and bills off responsibly, now pay them off strategically.


Mortgage rates ride up and down like a roller coaster. Lucky for you, they just dropped!

Saving thousands on your mortgage isn’t rocket science – it just takes a great rate!

Thinking of refinancing? Call Homestead Financial and skip your payments for 2 full months!

Finally find your dream home? Get pre-approved now!

Mortgage terms can be “clear as mud”!

An average home owner completes a home loan every three years.

Is a USDA Loan the right fit for you?

First time home buyer tax preparation.

Managing A New Construction Home Purchase