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Greg Aftayev
Greg Aftayev

Greg Aftayev

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Since movie quoting is not a high paying job with all the delicious benefits society has to offer, I decided to get into the mortgage business and then started my own mortgage company. That was twenty four years ago…

I came across the mortgage business by way of a college buddy whose parents had a mom-and-pop broker office. It was here that I learned two things:

1. Regardless of who you are and what you do, we are all looking to save money and better our financial situation so appreciate everyone’s unique situation.
2. Successful mortgage banking is, and always will be great communication skills and asking great questions.

Blend that in with being a great listener and you are immediately in the top ten percent of excellent mortgage originators.

I knew early on that my biggest strength was my communication skills and that was role I chose to play for my partners and my employees. It was and still is, my commitment to the training and education of effective communication to our loan originators.

For me to do that I had to learn to be coachable before I learned to coach. (The latter was way easier than the former for the record..)

Have you ever listened to yourself talk to a client? Listen to your rhythm and tone? And most importantly, when do you speak and when do you listen? Knowing what kind of a communicator you are is just as important as knowing what the best loan program is for your client.

It has been a wealth onto its own to spend my career making average loan originators good and good originators great. My clients are not my clients. My employees are. We have surrounded ourselves with exceptionally talented people and have given them a voice and they, in turn, have given this company some incredible direction over the years.

I don’t have a clue how I was given such a fantastic opportunity in this industry, but then again, I don’t understand why Happy Gilmore didn’t win 5 Academy Awards either. Sometimes you have to see life as it’s just a movie…

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"By being open and recognizing our strengths and weaknesses, we can see opportunities for growth and ways to help each other."

- Jayson Hardie on Growth

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