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Consolidate Your Debt

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Burdened by debt? We have the solution.

Is Debt Consolidation a Good Idea?

If you’re constantly stressed out because of high-interest credit cards and loans, yes — consolidation can be a great solution. We can help you pay off your debts using the equity in your home. Plus, it’s possible to lower your interest and remove PMI if you have it.

It’s essential to change your spending habits, though, so you don’t rack up new debts. But, with a lower monthly budget, you’ll have an easier time paying your bills, and you’ll probably even have extra spending money.

Credit Card Consolidation

It’s easy to get low-interest loans and credit cards. But it’s not so easy to pay them off. Of course, there’s the balance transfer game, but that only works for a while. Plus, you need extra cash flow to pay the debts off for good. That’s hard to do sometimes.

With credit card consolidation, depending on the available equity in your home, we can pay off the credit cards, and you’ll have one payment — your mortgage.

How it Works at Closing

We can either give you the money, and you can pay the debts off, or we can pay them off for you at closing. It’s up to you.

How Much are Closing Costs?

One of the great things, when you consolidate your debt with Homestead is there are no out-of-pocket (NOOP) costs. Typical closing costs include fees for:

  • Credit report
  • Underwriting
  • Title & recording
  • Flood certificate
  • Misc. state & transfer taxes
  • Property taxes
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Points if you buy down the rate

The good news is that we wrap the closing costs into your loan, so you don’t have to come up with any money. At the beginning of your refinance, your loan advisor will give you a Loan Estimate listing the closing costs. Right before closing, they’ll give you the Closing Disclosure with the final fees. That way, you can compare your estimate with the actual fees.

Why Homestead?

Homestead is a top lender of mortgage loans for purchasing and refinancing. Your loan advisor can walk you through every step of the way to qualifying for a mortgage. Our rates are some of the lowest in the states we serve. Our loan advisors provide excellent service, as you can tell from our reviews. Plus, we close fast!

What they
about us.

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Doug H. says…

I chose Homestead Financial based on the reviews I saw about them. I was not disappointed! They were very professional, proactive, and very responsive. They never left me wondering where we were at during the process. The people I worked with directly were amazing. I felt like I was always taken care of throughout the entire process, and I was given updates the whole way. I definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking to refinance their home loan!

Kathy B. says…

Oh my gosh! My experience was one in a million! Paul was fantastic to work with. He is very knowledgeable and also very personable! When the piece of mail came from Homestead, I thought, "Oh, this is a scam," but the more I looked at it, the more I went online to check it out. After the little bit of research I did, I was still afraid to call, thinking I somehow was going to get taken. I WAS SO WRONG! Glen was the first gentleman to answer the phone. He was very nice and pleasant and got me over to Loan Advisor Paul Hughes. Paul pretty much eased my nerves/fears, and when I got my first email from him, I was like, OMG...he IS real! (lol) Anyway, I am so happy. Even though right now my rate is a little higher, I still accomplished what I wanted to do and still came out ahead in the end, and it's only going to get better when he can streamline my loan after 6 months. I told him I was going to be on his trail if I hadn't heard from him in January. We both laughed, and he told me he had my name and number down to get in touch.

Darby B. says…

I received a postcard mailer from Homestead. After my husband and I discussed this, we reached out to Sean Ingold with Homestead on a random weeknight. Yes, a real human answered the phone! I was already impressed by this, but after talking to Sean, we were ready to take the next step. They made everything very easy. We even had a closing agent come to our home to finalize the documents. I look forward to doing business with Homestead in the future.

Sara P. says…

I had a wonderful experience working with Brian Agee. He made the whole process easy and very transparent. He was extremely responsive and always ready to answer questions. He helped us with a cash-out refinance, which allowed us to pay off debt and get into a comfortable financial position. I’m so grateful we worked with Brian and that he helped us reach our goals.

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