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Lower Your Payment

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If you’ve had your mortgage a year or longer, there’s a good chance we could lower your payment. On average, our customers save $300 per month. Read on to see if refinancing could be a good idea for you.

Lower Payment

My Mortgage is Too High – What Can I Do?

You may have several options.

Just like with insurance coverage or utility providers, it’s good to keep an eye on your mortgage payment to see whether you could lower it. Sometimes rates have gone down, your equity has increased, or maybe your credit has improved, and now you can get a different loan with lower interest.

Give us a call, and we’ll review your loan to see if you can refinance into a lower payment. If your budget is tight, you could get some breathing room by lowering your mortgage payment.

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Get a Lower Interest Rate

When refinancing, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a lower interest rate. With a refinance, you have two basic options

  1. Rate & Term — with this type of refinancing, you can change the loan’s rate and term (length). We can also roll any closing costs into your loan, so there’s never any money out of your pocket. But you cannot get any extra cash out.
  2. Cash Out — with this type of refi, you can change the rate and terms of your loan, plus you can get cash back to use on home improvements, paying down debts, or anything else you choose.

Get Rid of PMI

If you put down less than 20% when you purchased your home, you probably have private mortgage insurance. That PMI can add $100 or more to your loan. If you have an FHA loan, you’ll have that extra cost for the life of your loan. Give us a call to see if we can get you into a new mortgage that doesn’t have PMI and also saves you money with a lower interest rate.

Refinance & Save

If you’d like to save money every month, consider refinancing your mortgage. See what our clients have to say about refinancing with Homestead.

Why Homestead?

Homestead is a top lender of mortgage loans for purchasing and refinancing. Your loan advisor can walk you through every step of the way to qualifying for a mortgage. Our rates are some of the lowest in the states we serve. Our loan advisors provide excellent service, as you can tell from our reviews. Plus, we close fast!

What they
about us.

Couple looking into adjustable rate mortgage loan by Homestead Financial

Elmer E. says…

"Everything went according to plan and without a hitch. Frank Spell was absolutely terrific! This is our third transaction with Homestead Financial and we were happy to once again be return customers. We highly recommend Frank Spell and Homestead without reservation."

Amy K. says…

I’ve worked with Homestead Financial Mortgage on a new home purchase, as well as our more recent mortgage refinance. Jayson Hardie and the rest of the team were amazing throughout the whole process! They ran my numbers and made suggestions on the best possible rate and program for my situation. Homestead Financial Mortgage is definitely a lender you can trust. Highly recommend!!!

Benjamin H. says…

Alicia is a superstar, and working with her was just as great! If you have the oppprtunity to work with this lender, why wait? Alicia could likely have you closed on a house before you find one in the market's current state!

JSchumacher says…

Brad and his team are top notch. They have your best interest in mind. They answer all your question and make the process very streamlined and easy. He is your hometown guy.

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