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The Homestead Difference

July 1, 2022

Working with a local lender like Homestead Financial Mortgage is different from a big bank so while both big banks and local lenders have offices you can walk into and talk to a loan advisor that’s where the similarities end.

Availability & Faster Communication

  • Homestead Hours – our loan advisors are available 7 days a week and evenings. That’s because most real estate transactions happen over the weekend. If you call with a question on a Saturday or Sunday, we’ll pick up the phone! If you need a pre-approval, we won’t tell you it has to wait until Monday.
  • Bankers Hours ­– if you need something outside of Monday through Friday (and maybe Saturday if you’re lucky) you’re out of luck. Need a pre-approval over the weekend so you can put in an offer? Not happening.
  • Homestead Answers the Phone ­­– that’s one of the first rules taught to new loan advisors ­– ANSWER THE PHONE!!
  • Big Banks Love Voicemail ­– the main complaint of customers and real estate agents is when the loan advisor doesn’t answer their phone. With big banks, voicemail is the norm, and so is a 24 hour or longer call back.

Here Are More Advantages

Underwriter Accessibility – Why does that matter? If there’s a question about whether a loan will fly or not, at Homestead we can run it by our underwriter and get an answer back usually within a few hours. For example, maybe there’s an issue with income, credit, or the specific property – getting your question answered quickly is a must.

Big banks have hundreds of loans in the queue and asking a question isn’t easy and takes time which means you could lose a deal or have your heart set on a house you’ll never be approved for.

More Accountability on Pre-Approvals ­– This is a big one. When a lender is local, realtors know whether their pre-approvals are solid or garbage. Unlike many lenders, Homestead does a thorough pre-approval.

That means your file will be reviewed as far as income, assets, credit, and your ability to repay the loan. The only thing left to approve is the property. Is there anything about the property that would prevent us from lending on it?

You Can Apply From Anywhere – Whether it’s from your office or from your couch we make the application process simple to do from anywhere. Uploading your documents is easy and we’re available via email and text 7 days a week to answer questions quickly.

It Costs Nothing to Apply – When you apply with Homestead it’s always Nothing Out of Pocket NOOP.

With a local lender like Homestead, you can rely on our reputation because you can read reviews from borrowers in your area. You have more control over your loan because your loan advisor has better access to the underwriter. Plus, we do everything in-house. And lastly, we have all the digital marketing and online tools big banks do. So, it’s easy for you to apply and submit your documentation online.

"By being open and recognizing our strengths and weaknesses, we can see opportunities for growth and ways to help each other."

- CEO, Jayson Hardie on Growth

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