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Real Estate Property Tax Freeze for Missouri Seniors

March 8, 2024

Property Tax Freeze

In late 2023, Governor Mike Parson signed Missouri Senate Bill 190, which allows for freezes for property tax rates on owner-occupied real estate for senior citizens in participating counties. This move aimed to provide relief to senior residents facing escalating property taxes. While the law offers potential benefits, its execution can be confusing, particularly due to variations in its application across different counties in Missouri.

Who qualifies:

The law is eligible for Missouri senior residents who own property and pay property taxes on their primary residence in the state.

Expanding on Property Tax in Missouri:

Property tax in Missouri is based on the assessed value of real property. Each county in Missouri has its own assessment procedures and tax rates. The county assessor determines the assessed value, and property taxes are levied annually.

In Missouri, property tax rates can vary widely depending on location and local tax rates. These taxes fund various public services, including schools, infrastructure, and local government operations.

Confusing application of the law:

The law allows each county to administer the applications and has the discretion to adjust the qualifications. This means that eligibility criteria and application processes may differ from one county to another, leading to potential confusion among seniors seeking to benefit from the tax freeze.

How to get the application:

Each participating county in Missouri has its own form and requirements for documentation to prove ownership and eligibility. Seniors interested in applying for the property tax freeze should contact their county assessor’s office or visit their official websites listed below to obtain the necessary forms and information.

Some eligibility examples:

  • St. Louis Metro: Various counties have different application processes and requirements.
  • St. Charles County: Requires submission of warranty deed to prove ownership.
  • St. Louis County: Qualifying age is set at 67.
  • St. Louis City: Qualifying age is set at 62.

Application Links

St. Louis Metro

St. Charles County: 2024_Senior-Citizen-Real-Estate-Tax-Credit-Application (sccmo.org)

St. Louis County: Senior Citizen Property Tax Freeze News (stlouiscountymo.gov)

St. Louis City: Senior Citizen Property Tax Freeze Application (stlouis-mo.gov)

Jefferson County: Application pending.

Kansas City Metro:

Jackson County: Senior Property Tax Credit Program – Jackson County MO (jacksongov.org)

Cass County and Clay County: Application pending.

This diversity in application processes and requirements underscores the need for seniors to conduct thorough research specific to their county to ensure they understand how to qualify and apply for the tax freeze.


While Senate Bill 190 offers potential benefits for Missouri senior residents, inconsistencies in its implementation across counties can create confusion and challenges for eligible individuals. Seniors seeking to benefit from the tax freeze must navigate through varying eligibility criteria and application processes set by each county.

Continued research and proactive engagement with county assessors’ offices are crucial for seniors to take full advantage of this legislation.

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