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Mortgage Applications Made Easy

November 10, 2023

Mortgage Application Made Easy

Navigating the “Leave You…a Loan” Experience: Getting a Mortgage Without Talking…to Anyone.

In a world where digital interactions dominate, the desire for a streamlined and non-intrusive mortgage process has become a priority for many homebuyers. The “Leave You…a Loan” approach is precisely what it sounds like – a way to explore mortgage options without requiring lengthy phone conversations. But how does it work, and is it as straightforward as it seems?

The Silent Start: Initial Interest

The journey begins when you express your interest in obtaining a mortgage, whether it’s for a new home purchase or a refinance. You may have seen one of our videos online, caught something on Facebook, received a piece of mail, were personally referred, or even scanned a QR code. Maybe you have questions like what kind of credit do I need to get a mortgage? Or can an unmarried couple get a mortgage together? We’re here to answer any questions you have—The key here is that your initial interest is met with a digital response from our Homestead team.

Investigate and Validate: Check Our Reviews

Before diving in, it’s natural to want to ensure the legitimacy and reliability of the mortgage lender. With options to check reviews on Google or Zillow, you can gain insights into the experiences of others who have embarked on the homebuying or refinance journey with Homestead Financial Mortgage.

Your Communication, Your Way

Acknowledging the diverse preferences of today’s digital market, Homestead Financial Mortgage allows you to choose your preferred communication format. Whether through a phone app, email, or text, you have the convenience and flexibility to get your questions answered and discuss your mortgage goals without engaging in traditional verbal communication. When the initial interest comes in from a digital channel, our loan advisors know to respond accordingly.

Unveiling Nuances: Q & A Session

While home lending can sometimes feel like a commodity, the reality is that it often requires a personal touch. Nuanced details, such as credit concerns, employment income queries, or specific processes, can arise. In this phase, Homestead Financial Mortgage ensures that your questions are addressed, fostering a deeper understanding of your unique situation.

Proposal Without the Personal Intrusion

Homestead Financial Mortgage is committed to offering a proposal based on the estimates you provide – all without requiring Personal Information (PI). By sharing details like your estimated credit score, home value/purchase price, and any cash-out needs, you can receive a video presentation of a written proposal estimate tailored to your circumstances.

Seamless Progression: The Mortgage Application

As you move forward and want to get pre-approved, the process transitions from estimates to personal information with the Mortgage Application stage. The MyHomestead app becomes your portal, allowing you to complete the full application, upload necessary documentation, and sign disclosures – all without the need for verbal communication if that’s what you prefer.

Homestead Financial Mortgage is a direct lender – we handle all stages of the process in-house, from application to underwriting. No matter how you choose to communicate with us – you can rest assured that you are not being passed on to an outside source.

In conclusion, the “Leave You…a Loan” experience at Homestead Financial Mortgage caters to the evolving preferences of a digital market. It’s a testament to the fact that while the mortgage process can be conducted without talking, a personalized and relationship-driven approach remains at the forefront. Embrace the convenience of digital interactions and embark on your homeownership or refinance journey with Homestead Financial Mortgage, where getting a mortgage is as easy as expressing your interest with the click of a button.

"By being open and recognizing our strengths and weaknesses, we can see opportunities for growth and ways to help each other."

- CEO, Jayson Hardie on Growth

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