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At Homestead Financial Mortgage, “We’ll Leave You…a Loan.”

January 9, 2024

Have you ever heard a lender say they promise NOT to call you? No? Well, now you have — At Homestead, we can get you pre-approved and well on your way to homeownership or financial freedom without the inconvenience of speaking with anyone.

Our no-call approach allows us to better serve our clients, the way they prefer to do business. We’re here to help you get into a better financial position without the stress and inconvenience of unwanted phone calls. We can quickly assess your situation with just a brief exchange of no-pressure text messages or emails.

Your Hassle-Free Source to Mortgage Lending.

We know that the landscape of personal finances has significantly changed for many households. Your mortgage payment is just one of the many things that can affect your monthly cash flow. If you’ve found yourself wondering what a mortgage refinance would look like or contemplated how beneficial it would be to skip 2 months of mortgage payments, you are not alone. At Homestead, our slogan is “Making lives better, one home at a time.” Helping you buy a home is only one part of what we do – we can also help you restructure your debt load, which can make a huge difference in your daily life. Finding out what that can look like doesn’t require unnecessary and intrusive time-consuming conversations that leave you feeling overwhelmed. We are here to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve your financial goals.

As an in-house lender, we handle every step of the loan process – from application to closing and funding. Our team of seasoned loan advisors has the knowledge and experience to make sense of the current market conditions and help you make educated decisions. If you are a first-time buyer, you might wonder if you are better off waiting for rates to come down before buying. Or, if you are a veteran homeowner with equity built up in your home and have a need for extra cash, you might be leery of giving up your 3% rate for a cash-out refinance. We can walk you through the pros and cons of any scenario and help you come to a decision that best benefits your financial situation.

Digital Convenience with a No-Call Promise

Finding out if you qualify and securing a mortgage pre-approval is an easy but intricate process influenced by factors such as credit score, payment history, current debts, income, employment history, and bank balances. With our “Leave you…a loan” offer, you can access our online submission form, which makes the digital mortgage process incredibly convenient, and you don’t need to speak to anyone! We work with customers who want and deserve the highest level of customer care. If that means you only want to be contacted via text or email, we promise we won’t call you.

Options with No Obligations

Based on the information you provide, our team will assess your situation, and options will be emailed back to you the same day for your consideration. You will be given a copy of your soft pull credit report, listing all your current debts and credit score. It’s 100% accurate and, most importantly, will not count as a credit pull against your score!

Our proposals are presented with transparent information, and there is no pressure to speak with anyone until you’re ready. We allow you the time and flexibility to make an informed decision.

In conclusion, Homestead Financial Mortgage is committed to redefining the mortgage lending experience. Our “Leave you…a loan” promise reflects our dedication to providing hassle-free, buyer-centric solutions that prioritize your preferences. With our no-call promise, we respect your time and choices, offering a digital convenience that allows you to navigate the mortgage process at your own pace. Our commitment to transparency, flexibility, and options with no obligations empowers you to make informed decisions without unnecessary pressure. At Homestead, we won’t call you until you ask – because your journey to homeownership or financial freedom should be on your terms.

"By being open and recognizing our strengths and weaknesses, we can see opportunities for growth and ways to help each other."

- CEO, Jayson Hardie on Growth

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