Tips for buying your dream home

Tips for Buying Your Dream Home

With housing inventory down 40% or more from two years ago, purchasing a house has become much more competitive. To land the home of your dreams you have to be savvy, creative and well-educated about your local housing market. This begs the question, how do you beat other buyers to the property you want? Here […]

Labor Day Home Improvement

Home Improvement Projects Ideal for Labor Day Weekend

Plan ahead for the harsh weatherOne of the best opportunities to do some home improvement projects to get your home ready for winter is Labor Day weekend. Having an extra day off from work gives you the extra time you need for projects that require more time. The trick is to plan ahead and focus […]

First Time Home Buyers

The Fifteen Most Commonly Asked Questions by First Time Home Buyers – Part 3

In “The Fifteen Most Commonly Asked Questions by First-Time Homebuyers Part II,” we discussed down payments, loan qualification, working with Homestead mortgage and mortgage costs. In this article we’ll discuss what first time home buyers should take with them when they are ready to apply for a mortgage, how to determine which mortgage is best […]

The Fifteen Most Commonly Asked Questions by First-Time Homebuyers – Part 2

In “The Fifteen Most Commonly Asked Questions by First-Time Homebuyers Part I,” we discussed the tax benefits of home ownership, HUD homes, buying a home with bad credit, home ownership for single parents and working with a real estate broker. In “The Fifteen Most Commonly Asked Questions by First-Time Homebuyers Part II,” we’ll discuss down […]

First Time Homebuyers

The Fifteen Most Commonly Asked Questions by First Time Homebuyers – Part 1

When mortgage rates increased last month, millions of Americans questioned if they had missed their window of opportunity for home ownership. Now is still an affordable time to buy a home. If you’re still contemplating home ownership, here are fifteen of the most commonly asked questions by first time home buyers. The answers may surprise […]

Why We Should Stop Panicking over Rising Mortgage Rates

We all knew the day would come when mortgage rates would rise. Last month when Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke hinted the Fed might begin backing off its monthly quantitative easing, mortgage rates climbed up well over 4%. This has many potential and existing homeowners who had been considering purchasing a home or refinancing one […]

Family in new home

Getting a Fair Home Appraisal

The home appraisal. It’s why so many homebuyer’s sweat bullets during the buying or selling process. The last thing a person wants is to lose a mortgage because of a low appraisal when buying or selling a home. Here are some steps to take for getting a fair appraisal. Professionals are Best for Serious Home-buying […]

How to Calculate Your Mortgage Payoff

It’s a glorious day when the home mortgage is paid off. No longer does the bank have a claim on your home. You are the sole owner. Getting to that point takes time and payment after payment. Many people don’t live long enough to see that day, and others see it quite often as they […]

How to Prequalify for a Mortgage

Buying a home is the all-American dream. It starts with an idea, then saving for the down payment, and finally shopping for the perfect place to call home. When you prequalify for a mortgage, your house shopping will run smoother, giving you—the future homeowner—some guidelines in regard to how much you can spend. There’s no […]

Prepare your home for a storm

Preparing Your Home for a Tornado – Part Two

Preparing your home for a tornado could be the difference between life and death for you and your family. In “Preparing Your Home for a Tornado Part I” we discussed steps to take before the storm hits. In Part II we discuss additional steps to take during and after the storm. Find Immediate Shelter When […]